• Gallbladder Surgery Error:
    Recovered $250,000 in a laparoscopic gallbladder removal case. The Defendant physician mistakenly cut the patient’s common bile duct, instead of the cystic duct as intended, resulting in an extended recovery period for the patient and a subsequent reconstructive surgery due to excessive scar tissue within the common bile duct.
  • Negligent Loading of a Dump Truck-RSD/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome:
    Recovered $975,000 for an injured claimant who suffered Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy/Complex Regional Pain Syndrome in his lower extremity following a leg fracture which was the result of a dump truck driver overloading his truck with trees and other debris. After removing the tarp at the dump site, the driver moved the dump truck which caused a large log to fall off the truck onto the claimant’s back and leg.
  • Federal Tort Claims Act-Negligent Administration of Medication:
    Recovered $500,000 on behalf of the spouse of a former Vietnam Veteran who died as a result of a single vehicle car accident after being administered excessive narcotic pain medication as an inpatient as a Veteran’s Administration psychiatric ward, then was allowed by the staff to leave to drive himself home while he was intoxicated from the medication and his judgment was impaired.
  • Electrocution-Mild Traumatic Brain Injury:
    Recovered the policy limits of $300,000 for a claimant who suffered an electrocution with brain injury when the wiring in a commercial cooler from which he was unloading product, was negligently maintained.
  • Negligent Operation of Front End Loader:
    Recovered over $720,000 for a claimant who suffered a crushed right arm injury and compartment syndrome as a result of the negligence of the operator of a front end loader.
  • Negligent Blood Draw:
    Recovered $30,000 for a patient who suffered a nerve injury as a result of a phlebotomy procedure when the phlebotomist hit a nerve with the needle and cause temporary paralysis of the patient’s thumb and forefinger. While the patient eventually made a full-recovery, she missed weeks of work as a school teacher as a result of the error.
  • Nursing Home Negligence – Below Knee Amputation:
    Reached a $400,000 settlement in a nursing home negligence case in which nursing home personnel failed to perform ordered wound treatments on claimant’s spouse. As a result of the nursing home’s failure to provide routine would care as ordered, pre-existing pressure sores did not heal and became worse, resulting in the amputation. Defendant contended the amputation was not avoidable and was necessary as a result of compromised blood flow due to severe atherosclerosis, an argument which did not prevail with the arbitration panel. A sizable recovery was made even though claimant passed away 6 days later from conditions which could not be attributed to the poor care in the nursing home.
  • Nursing Home Negligence – Wrongful Death:
    Recovered more than $335,000 from a nursing home, on a behalf of the estate of a deceased former resident, after the decedent died as a result of cardiopulmonary arrest after she choked on food served to her which was inconsistent with inconsistent with her doctor’s orders that she her orders that she be fed a “mechanically soft” diet. This recovery was made even though the decedent’s spouse, her only survivor, had also passed away before a lawsuit had been filed.
  • Factory Explosion – Impaired Hearing:
    Recovered $125,000 for a claimant who sustained partial loss of hearing, resulting in the need for hearing aids, after a steam pipe explosion at a factor where he worked. We successfully showed during discovery that the explosion occurred because a contractor had installed an inappropriate expansion joint in a steam system even though Defendant asserted that claimant’s own employer was responsible for the error and had ordered the wrong expansion joint.
  • Defective Fixed Ladder:
    Recovered in excess of $100,000 for a claimant who had arthroscopic knee surgery after falling from a defective fixed ladder while trying to climb into the bed of a dump truck as part of his work. We were able to prove, through expert testimony, that the fixed ladder was defective because the rungs were not evenly spaced, the rungs were not an appropriate shape for gripping with hands, and there were not separate handrails available.
  • Construction Accident-Shoulder Surgery:
    Recovered $175,000 for a construction worker who suffered a significant shoulder injury requiring surgery after the 3rd story of a building he was working on collapsed to the 2nd floor. Investigation revealed the 3rd floor collapsed to the second due to a subcontractor’s failure to follow building plans.
  • Golf Course Injury-Infected Wound:
    Recovered $75,000 for an elderly homeowner who was hit by a golf ball outside of her home due to a severely errant golf shot. The claimant suffered a severe leg wound which became infection and required inpatient wound treatment at a skilled nursing facility.
  • Severe Hand Injury-Construction Accident:
    Recovered $310,000 for a claimant who was severely injured while using a table saw at a construction site. The owner of the saw, a subcontractor and claimants employer, had removed safety equipment from the saw that had been placed on it by the manufacturer. This recovery was made despite the liability insurance carrier’s assertion that its policy did not provide coverage for the incident.
  • Construction Accident-Back Injury:
    Recovered $120,000 for a claimant who suffered a back injury on the job when a crane operator negligent pulled down the framing for a building while claimant was helping install roof trusses.
  • Medical Malpractice-Negligent Radiology Services:
    Recovered a total of $360,000 for an elderly claimant whose diagnosis and recovery was delayed as a result of a radiologist’s failure to see a swallowed dental plate on x-rays. A proper radiology read and timely diagnosis may have allowed claimant to make a full recovery after partially swallowing a dental plate in a nursing home.