Many law firms choose to tout large case awards on their websites, but they are often misleading. Some of those firms have numerous lawyers who handle cases–a prospective client does not know which attorney obtained the award or which attorney will actually handle their claim. In addition, aggressive TV advertising firms often handle a very large volume of claims, so it is easy to tout results when your firms has many lawyers handling many cases-but that tells you little about the lawyer who will actually handle your case. Most importantly, simply reporting a monetary result often says very little about how effective an attorney or firm was in representing a client in a particular case: For example, a $2 million settlement or verdict sounds great on a website, but it is possible that $2 million recovery was low for the case in question and that a favorable result would have been much, much higher.

Steven Wingo has chosen to list a sample of cases he has personally handled to demonstrate his breadth of experience and positive outcomes he has obtained for clients. For each of the results below, he was the primary attorney-and most frequently the only attorney-who handled the case from start to finish. If you consult and hire him, he will be the one handling your claim.