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Few serious personal injuries are more devastating and intimidating to contemplate than paraplegia, quadriplegia, or paralysis of other body parts. Undeniably, an accident that causes paralysis is a catastrophic event—and carrying on will require tremendous resolve as well as financial resources.

If you or a family member must cope with paralysis, it goes without saying that you have a lot on the line and an overwhelming level of concern for the future. When you talk with Attorney Steven Wingo—whether at his office, in the hospital, or your home—he can try to help you deal with stress. He strives to take over worries about insurance claims and bills, so you can focus on your health and family.


You can depend on Ocala Attorney Steven Wingo—a respected 15-year veteran of high-value personal injury counties throughout Marion County and all of Florida—to treat you and your family with care and respect. A well-qualified legal team with extensive insurance and investigative experience will consider all options for obtaining the compensation you need to move forward.

This includes applying knowledge of the following:

  • Many types of neck and back injuries, including diagnosis and available treatments
  • Fault and liability in a full range of accident types from car crashes to on-the-job falls
  • All types of potentially applicable insurance coverage


The Wingo legal team has helped hundreds of clients obtain fair compensation for their injuries and guided them through difficult times toward a stable, productive future. Dealing with your own or a loved one’s paralysis is a full-time concern, and Steven Wingo takes pride in the ability to make a difference. If you are seeking a lawyer who can fight for all you need and deserve after an accident that was not your fault—standing up to insurance companies and opposing lawyers with firm resolve, while treating you with compassion and patience—please contact this office today. They are ready to help you.